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Bradford Royal Not Offering Safe Care

According to a warning released by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Bradford Royal Infirmary is not able to provide safe and effective care because of a lack of staff, particularly in the accident and emergency department.

Hospitals across the UK are struggling to maintain appropriate numbers of workers when taking on heavy patient loads, but it appears this issue has hit Bradford harder than many of its counterparts.

The NHS trust said "robust action plans" had been devised to tackle the issues, reports BBC News.

Following two unexpected one-day inspections in September and October last year, the CQC issued the hospital with a formal warning and urged it to improve its staffing plans.

A spokesperson said: "The inspectors raised concerns that this was impacting directly on the trust's ability to provide safe and effective care that fully met patient's needs."

Problems with overcrowding and poor record keeping were also highlighted by the organisation's report.