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Steps' H wins apology over photo case

Steps' H wins apology over photo case

Former member of Steps Ian H Watkins, commonly known as H, has won an apology after E! inappropriately used his image.

The pop star, who shares the same name as disgraced Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins, complained after the entertainment company used his picture in an article with the headline "Lostprophets' Ian Watkins Pleads Guilty to Sex Offenses Including Attempted Rape of a Baby", even though the story had no relation to him.

Ian Watkins, of Pontypridd, who was the actual subject of the story, was recently sentenced to 36 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to a number of sexual offences, including some against minors.

Despite receiving the apology, Mr H Watkins has not returned to Twitter, after he was forced to take a break from the website after receiving dozens of abusive messages relating to abuse charges faced by his rock singer namesake.

In a statement released by Mr H Watkins at the High Court in London, it was noted that it has been an "extremely distressing time" for both him and his family.

"E! have publicly apologised to me and a statement has been read in court to make the position clear. This was not something that I did lightly but it was important to me that a public statement was made so that there is no confusion going forward," the former Steps singer said.

"I am really pleased that it has been resolved so quickly so that me and my family can try and move on."

It is not clear if any compensation was paid to the man, who claims to have suffered serious mental anguish since the incident, but similar cases have led to substantial settlements.

Earlier this month, a man from Northern Ireland was implied to have been involved in Ulster Volunteer Force activities by a newspaper.

When this was proven not to be the case, he won a settlement worth £20,000, as well as an apology.