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Family wins compensation after 'hospital error'

Family wins compensation after 'hospital error'
A family in Lincolnshire has been awarded more than £1.2 million in compensation after hospital errors left her family homeless.

In October 2006, Tracey Hughes fell over in her garden and broke her right tibia and fibula.

This would normally be a relatively easy problem to fix but the operation was not performed properly and recovery did not progress as would normally be expected.

A follow-up was meant to resolve the situation but this was also poorly done by surgeons and persistent issues meant she faced the prospect of having her leg amputated. 

While the situation has been resolved to an extent, mainly through the shortening of her leg by 3.5cm, she was left in agonising pain and this meant her husband Simon had to take time off work to take care of her, meaning their home was repossessed.

However, the couple will now have the funding to take care of Mrs Hughes' problems more effectively as they have been awarded £1.2 million in compensation.

By Chris Stevenson