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Belfast man wins 'UVF' libel case

Belfast man wins 'UVF' libel case

A man who was accused by a newspaper of recording a Belfast Republican parade in a menacing manner has won £20,000 in compensation.

Slater and Gordon previously reported on the case last month and the 27-year-old was insistent he was innocent of the charges against him.

Belfast High Court has now ruled Glenn Irvine had been libelled by the Sunday World on October 28th 2012 after he was supposedly seen with his uncle Winston Irvine, who is alleged to be a member of the Ulster Volunteer Force, reports the Press Gazette.

But it was not Glenn Irvine who was in the published image and this led to significant harm to his reputation - especially as he works in a majority Catholic workplace.

A statement released by the Sunday World's northern editor Jim McDowell read: "It's a bad day for the press and investigative journalism when what was accepted was an innocent mistake in a picture caption ends like this ... Glenn Irvine was not in the photograph published."

By Chris Stevenson