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Saatchi makes drug claims as fraud case continues

Saatchi makes drug claims as fraud case continues
Advertising guru Charles Saatchi has claimed that his former wife Nigella Lawson was a regular drug taker.

The allegations surfaced as the duo attended a pre-trial hearing focusing on fraud claims against two of Ms Lawson's personal assistants.

Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo, aged 34 and 41 respectively, are said by Mr Saatchi to have spent £300,000 on first class air travel and designer clothes using the his company credit card.

The duo claim that they had an "understanding" with Ms Lawson that they could take what they like as long as they did not reveal the extent of her supposed cocaine and marijuana habit to Mr Saatchi.

Evidence at the pre-trial continues to be given.

Mr Saatchi was cautioned by the police for assault earlier this year after he was pictured putting his hands around Ms Lawson's throat and tweaking her nose in a central London restaurant.

This incident left Ms Lawson very upset and ultimately caused the pair's marriage to fall apart.

By Chris Stevenson