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Ecclestone under spotlight in F1 court case

Ecclestone under spotlight in F1 court case
Formula One (F1) chief executive Bernie Ecclestone has found himself under the spotlight in a London court case.

A German media company is claiming damages of around £90 million after arguing that Mr Ecclestone undervalued his franchise in order to allow a company called CVC Partners to win a tender, according to the BBC.

The main advantage to Mr Ecclestone, prosecutors argue, is that the deal would allow him to stay in control of the sport - something that he strongly denies.

When questioned by a reporter when leaving the court, Mr Ecclestone said there was a number of conflicting claims about bias against him from different companies, showing that he could not have had any particular ulterior motive when selecting a media partner.

"People, if you listen, have been saying different companies wanted me to leave, and they would take over. But nobody has done that. I'm happy what I do," the F1 chief remarked.

The trial continues.

By Francesca Witney