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Ex-RAF dean wins Mail on Sunday defamation compensation

Ex-RAF dean wins Mail on Sunday defamation compensation
The former dean of RAF College Cranwell has won a compensation lump sum from the Mail on Sunday after it made false allegations against him.

Dr Joel Hayward, argued accusations he showed a bias towards Islamic students and spent too much of his lessons on the religion, to the detriment of Christianity and other world faiths, were false and harmed his career.

The Daily Mail has released an apology denouncing its August 2011 articles and accept allegations it made against the former dean were completely untrue.

Dr Joel Hayward is a supporter of the British Army and has defended his Islamic beliefs, stating that his faith has no impact on his backing of military operations in Afghanistan, which he argues combats harmful extremism rather than innocent members of the public, according to the BBC.

The Mail on Sunday also apologised recently (October 12th) for incorrectly publishing an image of a bank robbery at the attack-hit Nairobi shopping mall. At the time it claimed the photo was of terrorists, when in actuality it related to a separate incident.

By Chris Stevenson