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Crash victim wins compensation

Crash victim wins compensation
A woman who became severely disabled after a car accident in London has won a large amount of compensation.

Barbara Oliva, of Sao Paulo in Brazil, was on honeymoon in the UK when she was injured in a motorbike crash on the Embankment in the capital.

Lawyers representing the 26-year-old said she had become brain damaged because of the incident and sued the driver who was in the car Ms Oliva's husband collided with. The injured woman was wearing a helmet, but the force of the impact meant this did not matter.

After a lengthy battle, it emerged the motorist in the car was at fault and had been convicted of a number of offences before the crash.

Solicitors said the couple had been on an extended honeymoon but are no longer together and the woman is being cared for by her mother. Because of the extent of her injuries, Ms Oliva requires round-the-clock care and cannot be left on her own.

Because of this the judge praised Ms Oliva's mum and said he had been "deeply moved" by the events.

After it emerged the car driver was to blame for the incident, his insurers have been forced to compensate Ms Oliva to the tune of £7 million, which will ensure she can be cared for properly for the rest of her life.

Interim damages paid to the injured woman's mother have ensured their Sao Paolo home could be converted so it was more suitable for her care and access needs.

Ms Oliva's solicitor said: "The money awarded today can never compensate the family for what happened to their daughter and for the altered state in which she now lives, unable to walk and speak normally.

"However, they are pleased that the compensation means they will be able to have her with them and be able to take care of her properly for the rest of her life."

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Posted by Chris Stevenson