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Near-record compensation awarded to car crash victim

Near-record compensation awarded to car crash victim
A near-record breaking compensation package has been awarded to the victim of a serious car crash.

Issy Sale was nine when a car driven by her mother veered into the path of an oncoming van and even though the youngster was sat in the backseat with her seatbelt buckled in, she suffered extensive damage to her spinal cord that now means she has to use a chin-controlled wheelchair as well as a ventilator.

After the accident her mother's insurers admitted to being liable and have since made significant payments, although now the legal case has closed, this will increase to £14 million.

The money will be used to provide lifelong care for Ms Sale who needs round-the-clock supervision and lost significant future earnings in the incident.

A £3.2 million compensation lump sum will be paid to the woman, now 17-years-old and Ms Sale remarked she was glad the case is finally closed.

"I am looking forward to getting on with my life and hope to be able to travel and go to university next year," Ms Sale said.

Much of the court case revolved around establishing how much Ms Sale would have earned in her career and, because of her remarkable intellect, it was concluded that had she not been in the crash, she could have made a substantial salary.

An IQ test showed she is in the top four per cent in her age group and she said one of the pluses of winning compensation would be that she could subscribe to medical journals that may one day report a discovery that would give her full mobility again.

Ms Sale's solicitor said: "Although this is a very large award, the money needs to last Issy a lifetime. Her needs are great but so too are her ambitions."

As the presiding judge handed out his verdict, he commented on how well the young woman had done in her GCSEs and A-Levels and that she had a bright future.

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Posted by Francesca Witney