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Risk of surgical death higher at end of week

Risk of surgical death higher at end of week

Planned medical procedures are significantly more likely to end in a death if they take place at the end of the week.

This is according to research conducted by scientists at Imperial College London, who gathered information from over four million operations between 2008 and 2011.

Data showed people who had surgery on a Friday were 44 per cent more likely to die than those who had their procedure on a Monday. 

It is not yet known why there is such a large difference in deaths depending on the day of the week, but one leading theory is that reduced staffing on weekends may contribute to the increase.

Professor Antony Narula of the Royal College of Surgeons said: "It is not acceptable that there should be such a wide variation in the mortality rates following elective surgery, according to the day of the week the operation takes place."

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Posted by Francesca Witney