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Man who suffered broken leg could claim against employer

Man who suffered broken leg could claim against employer

A man who suffered a leg injury after a workplace accident could launch a compensation claim against his former employer Joseph Gallagher after they were found guilty of a health and safety breach.

Adrian Murray, 48, who currently lives in Ireland, was one of a small group of workers that was sent down a tunnel in London to guide concrete through a hose used in the maintenance of a service tunnel.

When this task was completed, workers began cleaning the hose by pouring foam into it - something that was meant to prevent the concrete from setting, which would render the tool useless.

The foam ball, however, became jammed, and when Mr Murray hit the hose in an attempt to dislodge the blockage, there was a massive, sudden release of pressure that made the hose hit the worker - breaking his leg and giving him severe whiplash.

His employer was found guilty of breaching health and safety regulations by the Health and Safety Executive and was subsequently fined for not doing enough to protect its employees working in challenging conditions.

Mr Murray may be able to claim compensation for physical damage and loss of earnings.

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Posted by Francesca Witney