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Inquest hears of "fundamental" error by neonatal doctor

Inquest hears of "fundamental" error by neonatal doctor

A doctor made a "fundamental error" by not replacing a premature baby's breathing mask, an inquest has heard.

Summer Hawcroft was born premature in Barnsley District Hospital on April 23rd 2011 and was on a ventilation machine, which was meant to help her breath as her lungs began to develop.

But a court inquest heard from experts that a doctor had failed to properly fit the baby's breathing mask properly - causing the baby to become starved of oxygen.

This lack of air caused brain damage in the infant and she died a number of days later - despite the best efforts of a specialist recovery unit in Sheffield.

Professor Simon Mitchell, a consultant neonatologist, said the baby's death was caused by a clinical error made by Dr Vishwanath Kamoji.

The expert added the mistake was "compounded by failure to take account of information which was being made available to him".

Posted by Francesca Witney

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