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Class action lawsuit could be launched over HS2

Class action lawsuit could be launched over HS2

Campaigners opposed to the extension of the UK's high-speed rail system could, en masse, launch a class action lawsuit.

Rolf Pearce of Staffs Against HS2 said the organisation is considering "getting some barristers together to look at the possibility of doing an American-style class action with a large number of people suing the government as a group".

Mr Pearce said this kind of legal action is rare in the UK, but the group's determination was such that they will continue its legal opposition regardless, according to the BBC.

Critics of the HS2 system say it offers few economic benefits and will disrupt large areas of the English countryside when it is constructed. Campaigners also say their housing prices are being reduced because of the system.

Proponents of HS2, however, say that infrastructure spending is needed to boost the UK economy - especially with poor exporting conditions.

It is unclear when legal action, if it occurs, will start, but construction on the project is expected to begin in 2017.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson