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Banker wins tribunal after being 'victimised' over discrimination case

Banker wins tribunal after being 'victimised' over discrimination case

A banker who was fired from a lucrative job after it was discovered that she had pursued a sexual discrimination case against a previous employer could be in line to receive compensation of up to £13 million.

Latifa Bouabdillah has won an employment tribunal ruling stating that Commerzbank had "victimised" her because her boss discovered a previous lawsuit against Deutsche Bank due to feelings of being marginalised and underpaid.

Six days after this case was made public, Commerzbank dismissed her, accusing Ms Bouabdillah of undermining the company's reputation and breaching trust between the bank and herself.

However, the tribunal ruled that Ms Bouabdillah did not mislead Commerzbank and had given direct answers when questioned on her former employment history, while noting that the company's reaction to discovering the full facts had been "immediate and emotional".

Compensation and damages owed to the plaintiff will be assessed at a hearing in September.

This comes a week after a report from the Cranfield University School of Management suggested that many FTSE 100 firms may be becoming complacent in their efforts to eliminate gender discrimination and promote boardroom diversity.

Posted by Chris Stevenson

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