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Nurse considering negligence claim after mother's death

Nurse considering negligence claim after mother's death

A nurse is considering launching a clinical negligence claim against her own employer after her mother died at the hospital she works at.

The professional, who wishes to remain nameless, told Your Local Guardian that she may take legal action against the Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust for the "horrific" treatment given to her mum during her final days at Epsom Hospital last month.

According to the nurse, her mother - who was 80 at the time of her death - was a late-stage dementia sufferer and was admitted to the hospital in February with a fractured hip.

Just 2.5 weeks later, she had passed away from pneumonia - and her daughter believes this illness was partly a direct result of the poor standard of care she received.

The woman explained that this is fairly typical across many NHS hospitals, as elderly patients are often treated worse than their younger counterparts.

"Just because they are old does not mean they do not have a voice and deserve the same care. I do not want anyone else to go through this," she noted.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson