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Ex-public sector workers to seek redundancy settlements?

Ex-public sector workers to seek redundancy settlements?

People who have lost their positions at Jobcentres across the UK since the onset of the recession are entitled to redundancy settlements, it has emerged.

An employment tribunal has ruled that two lead claimants - who were supported by PCS, a union with more than 270,000 members - should be granted damages for their ordeal, which is set to open the door for many more claims.

Since the start of the global slump in 2008, the government has overseen a huge swathe of public spending cuts, which has seen thousands of people employed in this sector lose their job.

Many such individuals were employed on fixed-term contracts as the government sought to reduce its number of full-time members of staff but PCS has indicated that this recent ruling could act as a watershed for employment rights in the UK.

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the organisation, noted: "The Department for Work and Pensions should have treated these workers properly, not like cheap labour to be hired and fired on a whim."

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Posted by Chris Stevenson