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Boy set for multi-million clinical negligence damages sum

Boy set for multi-million clinical negligence damages sum

Clinical negligence compensation worth millions is set to be awarded to a boy who sustained severe brain damage at birth.

Birmingham High Court has ruled that Daniel Spencer, who is now 11 years old, is eligible for substantial damages from the Worcestershire Hospitals NHS Trust following complications at his delivery at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital in 2002.

Mistakes made by professionals at the hospital have left the child with cerebral palsy and in need of 24-hour care, which resulted in his parents pursuing a claim for compensation, which has now been given the green light.

Daniel cannot communicate properly and needs a wheelchair to get around and it is alleged that his health problems were caused by the failure of midwives to react quickly enough when his mother Susan began bleeding during labour.

Additionally, the staff are said to have not informed a doctor after recognising the child's fluctuating heart rate.

The NHS trust has now accepted the majority of responsibility for Daniel's health issues, meaning his family are therefore clear to begin proceedings to claim damages against the organisation.

Speaking after this decision was made, his father Olly explained there was "no sense of urgency" among hospital staff even when they realised Susan was bleeding - a state he said left him feeling "helpless".

"When we were told about Dan’s brain damage it was hard not to feel very angry, but we focused all our efforts on providing for him and trying to give him the best quality of life possible," he noted.

Mr Spencer went on to say it is difficult to live while "not knowing what the future will hold", but added: "Dan is an absolute joy to be around and his brother and sisters dote on him. He continues to amaze us every day with his positive personality and we’re so proud of everything he has achieved."

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Posted by Trusha Vyas