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Govt launches consultation on parental leave reforms

Govt launches consultation on parental leave reforms

The government has offered families and businesses the opportunity to provide their opinions on how the new parental leave system will work.

Under the terms of the Children and Families Bill 2013 introduced by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance earlier this month, laws relating to maternity and paternity leave are set to be altered to allow mothers and fathers to combine their statutory time off after the birth of their child.

This change is intended to reflect the administration's determination to transform the system into a more modern, flexible arrangement that gives individuals more control and power over their parental leave.

Jo Swinson, employment relations minister, announced yesterday (February 25th) that the government is now overseeing a consultation whereby people and companies can offer their feedback on the plans.

Describing the existing legislation as "too old-fashioned and rigid", Ms Swinson said the new proposals "give us a great opportunity to make our workforce even more flexible, help working families and boost economic growth".

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Posted by Trusha Vyas