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Ex-council worker awarded £68k unfair dismissal damages

Ex-council worker awarded £68k unfair dismissal damages

An employment tribunal has ruled that an ex-council worker is entitled to compensation of just under £68,000 on the grounds of unfair dismissal.

John Coatman took legal action against Salford Council after he was fired in 2008 for highlighting inaccuracies in a report by the local authority regarding children in the area who were at risk of suffering abuse, the Daily Mail reports.

Mr Coatman - who worked as a statutory returns analyst - emailed a director of the council expressing his concerns about the study, which had been carried out by his line manager.

However, he claimed these worries were dismissed and his boss then asked him to lie about the statistics. Eventually, a disciplinary hearing indicated the council had lost confidence in Mr Coatman and he was dismissed.

The 59-year-old said the stress of the process of being sacked then seeking redress was so high that it caused him to have a stroke.

"Even though the tribunal was a success I still wasn't sure I'd get the pay-out I felt I deserved, so this is very important to me," he told the news source.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas