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Mum seeking damages after back condition misdiagnosis

Mum seeking damages after back condition misdiagnosis
Clinical negligence compensation is being sought by a woman who believes errors made by professionals are directly responsible for her now being permanently disabled.

Debbie Thomason is taking legal action against Northampton General Hospital on the basis that doctors there failed to diagnose her with a serious spinal condition, which has left her housebound and only able to walk a few yards.

The 35-year-old mother-of-two had previously struggled with sciatica but, even though she complained of ongoing back pain, officials at the Midlands hospital failed to detect the fact she was actually suffering with cauda equine syndrome.

This condition results in nerve roots being compressed below the level of the spinal cord and Ms Thomason had to be rushed to hospital in May 2011 when she collapsed in severe pain after sneezing.

Even though cauda equine syndrome requires urgent surgery to prevent the patient from becoming completely paralysed, staff at the hospital allegedly delayed her operation for eight days as they continued to miss the signs.

Consequently, Ms Thomason has decided to sue the NHS trust for its liability on the basis that her condition should have been diagnosed and treated far earlier.

"I am absolutely distraught. My life has been completely shattered by the permanent damage to my spine, which I believe could have been prevented if I had received the care I urgently needed," the claimant commented.

Explaining the moment the condition reared its head, Ms Thomason explained it was caused by a sneeze while she was at home, adding: "I never dreamed it could lead to being disabled. I feel so angry that this has happened and that nothing can be done for me."

With this in mind, she went on to say she hopes that by taking legal action, she will help raise awareness and therefore avoid any repeat of this situation in the future.

"While it is too late for me, it may not be for someone else," she added.

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Posted by Francesca Witney