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Car dealer wins unfair dismissal and age discrimination case

Car dealer wins unfair dismissal and age discrimination case

A tribunal has ruled in favour of a 64-year-old car dealer who sued his former employer on the grounds of unfair dismissal and age discrimination.

According to the Daily Mail, Michael Nolan took legal action against the branch of Evans Halshaw on Worksop, Nottinghamshire, on the basis that he was the victim of constant unjust treatment from his bosses and colleagues.

For instance, during his hearing in Nottingham, Mr Nolan told the court that workers at the dealership changed his number plate to OAP from OAB while also nicknaming him Yoda after the ancient Star Wars character.

Despite the fact he was service team leader at the dealership, the professional was often told by his superiors that they wanted to replace him with a younger worker once he reached retirement age.

Indeed, principal dealer David Heeley was said to have once referred to Mr Nolan as his "104-year-old service team leader".

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Posted by Francesca Witney