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Many women 'unaware of EU insurance changes'

Many women 'unaware of EU insurance changes'

More than a quarter of all female motorists are unaware of how a new European Union (EU) directive will affect their car insurance premiums, a new study has revealed.

Under the terms of a ruling from Brussels that will come into effect on Friday (December 21st), insurance firms will not be able to use the gender of a customer to determine the rate of their premiums.

At present, men generally have to pay more for their cover because, statistically, they are around twice as likely to cause a serious road traffic accident than female drivers, but deciding on charges based on sex will no longer be legal.

However, in news that may be of interest to personal injury solicitors, research conducted by the AA has established that 29% of women still do not know that this change could result in their charges rising markedly, This is Money reports.

Indeed, according to the AA, younger females could see their premiums go up by 25 per cent annually.

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Posted by Francesca Witney