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Man awarded £2.4m after road traffic accident

Man awarded £2.4m after road traffic accident

A seven-figure compensation sum has been awarded to a man who suffered a stroke shortly after a road traffic accident.

Robert Bright sustained whiplash when his car was hit from behind by another vehicle while at a standstill  on the M27 in 2008, the London Evening Standard reports.

However, just 34 days later, the 56-year-old had a serious stroke which left him with a serious brain injury and unable to fully use his left arm after a blood clot formed as a direct consequence of his whiplash.

In the immediate aftermath of the collision, Mr Bright was not seriously injured and simply swapped insurance details with the other driver involved in the crash and continued on his way.

However, unbeknown to him, his whiplash injury had damaged and split the main artery that supplies blood to the brain, which caused his stroke.

As such, Mr Bright - who is no longer able to work as a successful customer services and contracts manager - took legal action at London's High Court and it has emerged today (December 3rd) that the other motorist's insurer has accepted liability, leading to a £2.43 million damages settlement.

This sum was calculated to include enough to both pay for the lifelong care and rehabilitation the claimant will need, as well as his substantial loss of earnings.

Speaking to the news source after the hearing, Mr Bright explained that he did not think he was seriously injured after the crash as he was only suffering neck pain and headaches.

"I woke one morning a few weeks later with my left side completely numb and my speech slurred. I couldn't believe it when I was told I'd had a stroke," he added.

Mr Bright went on to urge anyone who suffers whiplash injuries to get them checked out by a medical professional.

"I was doing well in my career and had a very active social life with friends and family but I can't enjoy any of this now," he went on to say.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson