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Family seeking £250k after teenager's death

Family seeking £250k after teenager's death
Clinical negligence compensation is being sought by the family of a teenage mother who passed away after doctors failed to diagnose her with bronchopneumonia.

Clare Secker died at the age of 19 in December 2008 after a nurse working for an out-of-hours GP provider advised her parents to give her paracetamol and fluids after being informed of her symptoms over the phone, the Guardian reports.

Ms Secker's father Michael told the news source his family is pursuing damages totalling £250,000 for their loss, but neither the privatised organisation or the NHS have yet indicated they are prepared to accept responsibility.

The government has outsourced many such NHS functions in the aftermath of the global financial crisis as a way of cutting costs and, being as this advice was not given by a professional directly employed by the health authority, establishing liability is proving difficult.

Earlier this year, the unnamed nurse admitted she had failed in her duty of care to the patient by not arranging for her to be examined in person by a doctor, as the woman could have made a full recovery had she been prescribed antibiotics.

However, she contests the assertion that she should pay compensation to Ms Secker's family because her contract of employment with the firm - which has since been acquired by Care UK - stated that the company had insurance in place to cover such occurrences.

Mr Secker commented: "We are forced to go to court and keep reliving what happened. We can't believe no one will take responsibility, even though they were at fault and it shouldn't have happened and Clare should be with us now."

He went on to say it has been especially tough to cope with the loss as his daughter's son Tyler was just one-year-old when she passed away.

"We just want it all to be sorted so we can just get on with bringing Tyler up and not having to relive this nightmare over and over again," he added.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas