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Report: Executive pay revolts have not peaked

Report: Executive pay revolts have not peaked

Revolts regarding executive pay have not yet peaked, despite talk of 2012 representing a "shareholder spring".

That is according to a new report produced by KPMG, which has predicted that the backlash against the remuneration packages received by senior officials at listed companies will not hit its highest point for another one or two years.

The organisation's Guide to Directors' Remuneration 2012 research noted that this year has been labelled as something of a watershed moment in pay scales because of a few high-profile cases that have garnered plenty of media attention.

However, statistically, the number of "serious" revolts over remuneration granted to leaders at FTSE 100 companies has fallen significantly in 2012 to ten from a total of 34 posted last year. 

With this in mind, head of reward at KPMG David Ellis noted that the "flexing of shareholder muscle" seen this year could well just represent "a rehearsal for what is to come".

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Posted by Trusha Vyas