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Pensioner seeking damages for clinical negligence

Pensioner seeking damages for clinical negligence
Clinical negligence compensation is set to be awarded to a pensioner left blind in one eye due to errors made at a hospital in the north of England.

According to the Bury Times, 72-year-old Malcolm Spencer has taken legal action against the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust on the basis that a string of mistakes committed by professionals at Bury's Fairfield Hospital resulted in him becoming partially sighted.

Four years ago, Mr Spencer visited his optician complaining of distorted vision and was subsequently referred to his GP, who then arranged for him to see a specialist at the hospital.

However, doctors there failed to diagnose him with the common eye complaint wet age-related macular degeneration (Wet AMD) and instead recommended that he undergo laser eye treatment, which resulted in his sight getting worse.

Indeed, this decision led to Mr Spencer's condition becoming irreversible and his legal case is based around the view that had he been diagnosed with Wet AMD sooner and given proper medication for the condition, the sight in his left eye could have been saved.

Speaking to the news source, the claimant said he now struggles with certain everyday tasks such as cooking, gardening and home maintenance and is eager to raise awareness of his case to ensure no repeat occurs in the future.

"It is devastating to know that my sight in that eye would not have deteriorated so badly if the doctors at the hospital had treated me properly.

"With Wet AMD affecting so many older people it is vital that doctors are alert to the signs, as they were overlooked in my case, which is very worrying," he added.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the NHS Trust said the organisation is "very sorry" that the care Mr Spencer received "fell below standard".

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Posted by Trusha Vyas