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Ex-footballer seeking substantial damages after heart attack

Ex-footballer seeking substantial damages after heart attack
A seven-figure compensation sum is being sought by an ex-footballer who suffered a heart attack on the pitch.

Radwan Hamed collapsed at the age of 17 while playing for Tottenham Hotspur against Belgian club Cercle Bruges in a youth match in August 2006, the London Evening Standard reports.

The sportsman - who had only signed his first professional contract nine days before the incident - suffered catastrophic brain damage due to oxygen starvation and subsequently had to quit his career.

Mr Hamed is now 23-years-old and has not been able to live independently since the heart attack

As a result, he has now launched legal action in pursuit of a multi-million pound damages settlement from the club to cover the cost of his care and loss of earnings on the grounds that the negligence of its medical staff is to blame for the incident.

His High Court writ states that both Tottenham and consultant cardiologist missed the warning signs that he had a condition that made him susceptible to cardiac arrest, similar to that of the Bolton Wanderers midfielder Fabrice Muamba, who coincidentally collapsed while playing at Tottenham's ground earlier this year.

As per the Football Association's regulations, Mr Hamed was screened for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - when the heart muscle thickens for no obvious reason - in 2005.

His legal documents allege that even though the tests carried out by Dr Mills displayed "grossly abnormal" results, the medical professional told Tottenham that he was fit and able to continue training as a professional athlete.

Furthermore, it is claimed that Mr Hamed's treatment following his heart attack was delayed due to the fact Tottenham failed to make sure a defibrillator was available at Cercle Bruges' ground.

The club declined to comment on the case when asked by the news source, but insisted they have been "immensely supportive" of their former employee.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson