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Builders granted unfair dismissal compensation

Builders granted unfair dismissal compensation

Unfair dismissal compensation has been awarded to two builders following an employment tribunal.

The pair took legal action against Cheltenham-based firm Beam Construction after managers told them their services were no longer needed in autumn 2011, the Gloucestershire Echo reports.

A total of 13 members of staff were informed they were not going to keep their jobs as the company - which employs around 30 employees - looked for ways to reduce its outgoings in the ongoing tough economic environment.

However, the duo decided to sue their former employer on the basis that they were not granted any form of statutory consultation period after being told they were being made redundant.

One of the men wants to remain anonymous, but the other successful claimant Trevor Jones told the news source he felt he had been chosen to lose his job "without any fair reason".

"I am very pleased with the decision and I feel that justice has been done," he added.

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Posted by Francesca Witney