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Horrific hand injury leads to £450k compensation award

Horrific hand injury leads to £450k compensation award
Compensation of £450,000 has been granted to a man who sustained a horrific hand injury during an accident at work.

According to the Manchester Evening News, David Taylor required an 18-hour operation on his badly damaged left hand after it got crushed in an incident at premises owned by engineering firm Renold Chain in Bredbury, Greater Manchester, in September last year.

At the time of this accident, the 52-year-old professional was using a crane and sling to move a heavy tool from a bench when the equipment slipped from this strapping and fell towards him.

Even though Mr Taylor managed to deflect the tool away from himself, his hand got caught in the sling and was pressed against the hook of the crane, leading to him losing the whole of his little finger, half his thumb, his ring and middle fingers down to the knuckle and the tip of his index finger.

He subsequently underwent surgery for 18 hours at Wythenshawe Hospital and the company has now admitted liability for the accident, resulting in Mr Taylor being awarded £450,000 in damages.

Speaking to the news source, Mr Taylor explained that putting his hand in the way of the tool may have saved his life as it could have cut him in half had he not blocked it in time.

However, he has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and he is now set to undergo a graft procedure to move part of his toe to his thumb, after which he hopes to return to work.

"People will look at the compensation amount but they don't realise the tremendous physical pain and, perhaps even more devastating, the psychological anguish that you go through with an injury like this," he added.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson