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Clinical negligence damages of £6m awarded to boy

Clinical negligence damages of £6m awarded to boy
Clinical negligence compensation of £6 million has been awarded to the family of a boy left brain damaged due to errors at his birth.

Joseph O'Reggio, who is now 11 years old, sustained life-changing injuries when he was starved of oxygen during his delivery at Wolverhampton's New Cross Hospital in April 2001.

Due to the severity of his health problems, Joe is unable to speak or feed himself and has severe learning difficulties as well as cerebral palsy, meaning he will require specialist care for the rest of his life.

His family decided to take legal action against the hospital - which is managed by the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust - and was granted the right to damages during a hearing at London's High Court in June last year.

And it has now emerged that compensation has been set at £6 million, as even though the healthcare body denies the allegation that delays at Joe's birth are to blame for his health issues, an award worth 80 per cent of his original claim is fair.

In a statement following the legal hearing, the trust noted it hopes this compensation settlement will assist the boy in "maximising his potential".

Meanwhile, Joe's parents said the High Court decision has come as a "massive relief", with his father Julian O'Reggio explaining it enables his loved ones to "rest easy" knowing the child will receive the help he needs for the rest of his life.

"We can have carers to help with his daily routines, extra physio, extra occupational therapy, extra speech therapy, all the additional input he's going to get which will hopefully get the most out of him within his limitations," he added.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas