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Teacher awarded £34k unfair dismissal compensation

Teacher awarded £34k unfair dismissal compensation

Compensation has been awarded to an art teacher who took legal action against her former school on the grounds of unfair dismissal.

Rebecca Raven alleged that she lost her job at Howell's School in Denbigh purely because bosses found out she was pregnant and an initial employment tribunal held last May established that she had been unjustly sacked.

And the 32-year-old has now also been granted around £34,000 in damages following a remedy hearing, in which it was confirmed the school had breached its contractual obligations.

Ms Raven - who had worked at the place of education since October 2008 - explained that she applied for maternity leave in May but was informed that she would have to leave her job at the end of the 2011 summer term.

"It was terrible shock losing a job I loved … I hope the school's trustees have come to their senses and won't treat anyone else the way they treated me," she commented.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas