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Southampton County Council set to cut 200 jobs

Southampton County Council set to cut 200 jobs

In excess of 200 professionals working for a local authority in the south of England are facing redundancy, it has emerged today (September 18th).

Southampton City Council has decided to make widespread job cuts as part of its plans to ease the pressure on its rising budget deficit, the Southern Daily Echo reports.

At present, the body's deficit is worth some £42 million over the course of the next two years and senior officials have therefore opted to make hundreds of temporary members of staff redundant.

The Labour-run authority insists this will enable it to retain many permanent workers who had been earmarked to lose their jobs under the previous Conservative administration.

Councillor Simon Letts told the news source the interim staff were only ever seen as a "stop gap" measure.

"Now our view is we feel that permanent staff committed to the authority with a long term sense of being part of a team is better than having lots of temporary staff," he added.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas