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Kayaking accident leads to compensation claim

Kayaking accident leads to compensation claim

Compensation is being sought by a man who sustained severe leg injuries during an accident in a public place.

Kayaker Nigel Hatton was seriously injured in September last year when a model powerboat hit him as he travelled across Tor Bay in Devon, according to the Herald Express.

Mr Hatton's kayak was cut in half by the support propeller attached to the 15cc, five ft model boat which was being controlled by Anthony McCarthy while he took part in a race.

This collision resulted in Mr Hatton sustaining extensive leg injuries - for which he needed surgery and is still undergoing treatment - and Mr McCarthy has now admitted breaking health and safety regulations during a case heard at Torquay Magistrates' Court.

Mr Hatton's legal representative explained in court that he realised the collision was going to take place, so decided to capsize his kayak before impact.

Consequently, he is now claiming for civil damages from Mr McCarthy.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson