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Swindon workers to make industrial disease claim?

Swindon workers to make industrial disease claim?

Compensation could be sought by individuals working in schools, leisure centres and council buildings in Swindon after the discovery of dangerous asbestos fibres.

Survey's carried out by the town's local authority reveal how widespread the harmful substance is, as many buildings have required extensive work to remove it, reports This is Wiltshire.

In addition, while most of the affected areas were contained behind walls or in cavities, some window frames and floor panels were also found to include asbestos - which can cause life-threatening illnesses.

Pat Lewis of the Swindon and South West Asbestos Support Group said the substance was widely used for insulation in years gone by and is usually found in window sills or other places.

She went on to say: "Teachers have died from exposure to it, however it is not a danger to children or anyone else unless it is disturbed and schools have regular inspections."

Posted by Chris Stevenson