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Woman seeking six-figure damages for broken back

Woman seeking six-figure damages for broken back

A six-figure personal injury compensation sum is being sought from a woman who sustained a serious back injury when she fell down some stairs at her home.

Gillian Drysdale is taking legal action against her landlord Joanne Hedges on the basis that the steps outside the residential property in Harwich, Essex, were unsafe, the Daily Mail reports.

The 44-year-old sustained a broken back as she attempted to carry a 30-inch box up the staircase in heavy rain and lost her footing.

And Ms Drysdale - who now lives in Norfolk - has insisted that Ms Hedges is liable for this incident as there was no suitable handrail and the paint that had been used on the steps had made them slippery.

Her barrister, Niazi Fetto, told the High Court the risk of using smooth paint on the stairs was "manifestly foreseeable".

"The defendant was responsible for creating a risk and unreasonably and negligently so," he added.

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Posted by Francesca Witney