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Pensioner launches £300k industrial disease claim

Pensioner launches £300k industrial disease claim

Compensation of £300,000 is being sought by a pensioner through an industrial disease claim.

According to the York Press, the unnamed 70-year-old is taking legal action against his former employer Sorrell Homes after he was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma.

The claimant believes he was exposed to asbestos regularly during his time working for the Leeds-based firm, which began when the company took him on as an apprentice bricklayer in 1958.

His tasks included the sweeping up of debris and operating in boiler rooms containing the potentially lethal substance on a number of projects across the York area and he insists that Sorrell's negligence is to blame for his illness.

The writ served to the High Court by the man's representatives explained: "Asbestos debris would often be cleared by brushing it to one side and his employers never warned him that his involuntary inhalation of the dusts could cause irreversible lung damage."

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Posted by Chris Stevenson