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Injured crane operator claims disability discrimination

Injured crane operator claims disability discrimination

An injured crane operator believes he has been the victim of disability discrimination.

The unnamed male claimed his employers made it difficult for him to return to his role after part of his leg was amputated, the Grimsby Telegraph reports.

It was alleged Mammoet UK - a heavy lifting and international transport company - failed to make small changes that were necessary for the worker to take up his role after he underwent surgery and had a prosthetic limb fitted.

After refusing to implement simple adjustments, such as altering the crane's access ladder, the Stallingborough company did not allow the worker to return to his position.

As such, it was put forward that the man had suffered disability discrimination both in regard to the firm's failure to make the necessary amendments and its subsequent refusal to let him return to work.

"It follows as night follows day that the dismissal must be an unfair one," a tribunal panel stated.

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