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Female engineer sues Rolls-Royce for discrimination

Female engineer sues Rolls-Royce for discrimination

Compensation of more than £135,000 is being sought by a female engineer on the grounds of sex discrimination.

According to the Daily Mail, Orla Phelan has taken former employer Rolls-Royce to an employment tribunal due to the fact she was treated unfairly by fellow members of the company's submarines division.

The 31-year-old - who was the only woman in the team - indicated that she was subjected to verbal abuse and groping after joining the group in 2008.

Ms Phelan claimed that two colleagues in particular - Paul Gamble and Mark Lee - made her life a misery, with Mr Gamble regularly referring her to her as his secretary and her line manager Mr Lee belittling her abilities.

"As soon as I arrived, it was clear to me that I was the only female in a group that included two laddish males. They sought to put me down as soon as possible," she told the hearing.

Due to her treatment, the professional indicated she suffered a serious episode of depression and was then sacked when she refused to continue working in the submarines team.

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Posted by Francesca Witney