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Elderly man launches industrial disease claim

Elderly man launches industrial disease claim

A pensioner is launching an industrial disease claim after being diagnosed with mesothelioma.

John Deeble, who is 91-years-old, believes he was exposed to asbestos while working at a post office in Alnwick, Northumberland, in the 1960s, according to Journal Live.

Mr Deeble began working at the branch in 1946 following a five-year stint in the Royal Navy and thinks he came into contact with the lethal substance in the 1960s when the premises underwent a refurbishment.

The elderly man explained that this project took a couple of months and involved workmen removing the building's ceilings which, in turn, left asbestos piping exposed.

"Contractors working on scaffold platforms hacked off asbestos from the pipes in corridors that I would walk through three or four times a day," he noted.

Mr Deeble went on to say that he was never warned about the dangers of working near asbestos or given any protective equipment by his employer.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson