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Damages of £4m awarded 45 years after botched birth

Damages of £4m awarded 45 years after botched birth

Clinical negligence of £4 million has been awarded to a woman who was left brain damaged due to errors at her birth 45 years ago.

Susanne Turner has needed lifelong care because of mistakes committed by professionals at Buchanan Street Hospital in St Leonards, Sussex, during her mother's caesarean section in 1967.

Ms Turner's parents Sandra and Christopher took legal action against NHS South Eastern - the now defunct trust responsible for the hospital - after learning of a similar case around ten years ago.

And, following a case at the High Court, the body has issued an apology to the family, as well as granting Ms Turner the seven-figure damages sum.

Following the hearing, Mr Turner commented: "What we feel is a sense of relief, knowing that Susanne's settlement will fund her care for the rest of her life and that she can now lead a fulfilled and happy life to the best of her potential."

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Posted by Chris Stevenson