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Male teacher taking sex discrimination case to tribunal

Male teacher taking sex discrimination case to tribunal

A male primary school teacher believes he was the subject of sex discrimination when he failed to land a job.

Glenn Telfer is taking the City of Edinburgh Council to an employment tribunal as he lost out on the teaching position to a young female, STV reports.

Mr Telfer claimed he should have been handed the role on a permanent basis after performing it temporarily for several months.

Despite believing himself to be the top candidate, the 55-year-old failed to land the job - which was handed to 25-year-old Louise Hunter instead.

Mr Telfer observed he felt the position would be his after receiving praise for his work from head teacher at Cramond Primary Una Gillespie, who said the children were very fond of him.

He told the hearing in Edinburgh: "Before the end of term, Mrs Gillespie said she would like me to stay on and teach primary five, the current P4 class, in the next academic year."

Posted by Francesca Witney