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Govt 'will not use gender quotas until 2015 at earliest'

Govt 'will not use gender quotas until 2015 at earliest'

The government will not consider implementing quotas to tackle gender discrimination in the UK employment sector until 2015 at the earliest.

That is according to business secretary Vince Cable, who has indicated the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance will stick to its current plan of action for the next three years before changing tack.

Speaking on the BBC's Women's Hour podcast, Mr Cable noted that the administration's present way of going about reducing inequality in boardrooms is "producing results", meaning it deserves more time before alternatives are sought.

"The figures I have for the last three months for example is that half of all new appointments to boards in the FTSE 100 were to women," the minister noted.

Mr Cable went on to say the government is determined to work "with the grain of voluntary behaviour" by overseeing a change in the UK's professional arena as opposed to imposing legal reforms immediately.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas