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Footballer seeking racial discrimination damages

Footballer seeking racial discrimination damages

A professional footballer is suing his former club on the grounds of racial discrimination, it has emerged.

Barbadian international Mark McCammon is taking legal action against Gillingham Football Club as he alleges he was forced out of the Priestfield Stadium in 2011 after being victimised because he is black.

During his employment tribunal in Ashford - in which he is also seeking damages from chairman Paul Scally for breach of contract and unfair dismissal - the striker claimed the club treated him unjustly on a number of occasions.

For instance, the 33-year-old indicated Gillingham attempted to "frustrate him out" of the club by refusing to meet his private medical bills to assist his recuperation from injury.

In addition, McCammon told the hearing he was told to drive to the club's training facility in "treacherous" conditions, even though a white teammate - who lived around two miles closer to the centre - was instructed to stay at home because of the weather.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas