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Banker seeking compensation for discrimination

Banker seeking compensation for discrimination

Compensation is being sought by a banker on the grounds of alleged unfair dismissal and racial and sexual orientation discrimination, it has emerged.

Paul Roche is taking legal action against his former employer ABN AMRO after leaving his role with the Dutch bank in London last December due to various supposed incidents of abuse from colleagues.

Mr Roche - who is married and has two children - quit his £70,000 per annum job with the financier after bosses refused his request to move seats away from the alleged ringleader of the abuse.

He claims he was abused because of his Irish heritage and branded "the only homo in the office", reports the Sunday Sun.

In addition, he insists he was told to "piss off pikey" in an email from a fellow member of staff.

However, ABN AMRO has refuted the claims and plans to reject these allegations in the employment tribunal.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas