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What is RJW's Occupational Disease Group?

What is RJW's Occupational Disease Group?

Russell Jones & Walker's (RJW) Occupational Disease Group (ODG) helps make industrial disease claims simpler for clients.

That is according to Simon Allen, our head of personal injury, who believes the ODG has improved the process of launching legal action on the basis of asbestos-related conditions such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and pleural plaques.

Simon explained RJW set this group up in order to make sure that the professionals dealing with industrial disease claims were all specialists in the area and could therefore fight for our clients more effectively.

"Asbestos compensation claims keeps coming up as an issue in the courts because the insurance companies want to keep fighting them," he noted.

Simon went on to say that the ODG - which also deals with claims for other workplace health issues such as deafness - has had a positive impact on such claims.

"We have ... brought to the attention of trade unions, advice agencies, barristers and some doctors the latest developments in the various conditions from a medical perspective," he stated.

"So we have educated people. In-house we have built up our knowledge so that clients get a better service."

Want more information about asbestos compensation claims? Take a look at a detailed interview with Simon here.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson