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RJW's Simon Allen discusses new asbestos claim laws

RJW's Simon Allen discusses new asbestos claim laws

New rules relating to industrial disease claims could significantly quicken the process of pursuing compensation for conditions such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.

That is the opinion of Simon Allen, head of personal injury here at Russell Jones and Walker (RJW), who expects the legislative reforms that will permit claimants to take direct action against an employer's insurers to be a positive step forward for the industry.

Simon explained that at present, people who used to work for smaller or independent companies in the past are potentially at a disadvantage because many such firms may have gone out of business or changed ownership over the years.

However, under these changes, these individuals will no longer have to go through the process of making an application to the court to get an order before starting legal action.

"What this law is doing, is saying, 'well actually if you have got the insurer, you can just go straight to the insurer - you don't have to worry about putting the company back on to the register to re-establish it'", he noted.

"So that saves a few weeks, a couple of months perhaps."

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Posted by Chris Stevenson