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Pensioner slams asbestos compensation claims changes

Pensioner slams asbestos compensation claims changes
A mesothelioma sufferer has criticised the way in which asbestos compensation claims have changed in the UK.

Under legal reforms passed recently, people who worked in heavy industries in England and Wales are no longer able to pursue damages for the asbestos-related illness pleural plaques.

However, their counterparts who operated in Scotland and Northern Ireland can still make compensation claims and former shipyard worker Bob Cusworth has expressed his anger over this decision.

Speaking to the Shields Gazette, Mr Cusworth - who worked in the north-east of England and was granted £5,000 in damages under a restricted scheme from the Ministry of Justice - labelled this legal alteration "ridiculous".

The 75-year-old insisted the differences in national rules "makes a nonsense" of the fact the states are all part of Britain.

"We're supposed to be a 'United Kingdom', but this doesn’t seem to apply where the law on asbestos compensation is concerned," he added.

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Posted by Francesca Witney