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Pensioner could seek damages for spinal injury

Pensioner could seek damages for spinal injury

A compensation claim could be launched by a pensioner who suffered a serious back injury during an accident in a public place.

According to the Scunthorpe Telegraph, 79-year-old Cecil Hurst tripped on a broken paving stone on Springs Parade in Brigg and was initially unable to move his arms after being taken to Scunthorpe General Hospital.

Scans and X-rays conducted at the medical institution revealed Mr Hurst had injured the top of his spine so severely that he could end up being paralysed.

Mr Hurst was subsequently transferred to the neurosurgery department at Hull Royal Infirmary, where further MRI tests established that his spine was "very swollen", he told the news source.

"The swelling was just 5mm away from my spinal cord, so I was lucky I wasn't paralysed because it was very near," he noted.

"My spinal cord was still intact and it was just very badly bruised and swollen."

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Posted by Trusha Vyas