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Half of all women 'suffer daily discrimination'

Half of all women 'suffer daily discrimination'

Half of the female working population believe they fall victim to gender discrimination on a daily basis, new research has found.

According to a study released today (May 25th) by online resource Advise Me Barrister, 50 per cent of all women in the UK's employment sector deal with issues such as sexist jokes and remarks every day.

The survey - which involved questioning 3,434 females - established that 40 per cent of respondents had suffered harassment through being touched inappropriately by a colleague.

Furthermore, 33 per cent said they have considered leaving their job because of discrimination, but 50 per cent admitted they are unaware of how to go about making a complaint about such problems in the workplace.

Meanwhile, 23 per cent indicated they think they have been denied a promotion that was rightfully theirs purely on the grounds that their fellow candidate for the position was a male.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson