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Females 'can fight against discrimination'

Females 'can fight against discrimination'

Females could be more proactive in their efforts to combat gender discrimination in the UK employment sector, an expert believes.

According to Ruth Sanderson - managing director of global business consultancy - while sexism remains a prominent issue in many workplaces across the country, women could do more to tackle the issue.

Ms Sanderson explained that, by and large, discrimination on the grounds of gender is decreasing as companies are now more accustomed to putting their male and female employees on an equal footing.

And in order to make further progress, the expert insisted females can help themselves, as in many cases, career paths involve "the woman making a conscious decision as to what sort of working life she wants".

With this in mind, Ms Sanderson insisted females can choose to resist discrimination by avoiding complying with the "strong expectations of a certain outcome" if they wish.

"Personally I find choice very liberating," she added.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas